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Accountants Providing Corporation Tax Services in Ealing, London

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Companies resident in UK are liable comply with corporation tax accountants in London, UK on their world wide income and gains. Corporate tax compliance is a technical task that needs to be done accurately and with a timely manners. Since the process of calculation is time-consuming and can heavily be penalised by HMRC if deadlines is missed or tax return is filed incorrectly, It is advised to choose a firm of accountants who are expert and contain extensive knowledge in this field.
At Majestic Accountants, with the help of our certified and professional accountants, you can develop professional strategic planning and create a real difference in tax liability. We understand the needs of different organisations in connections with corporation tax, our accountants can provide you a complete start to end corporation tax return service including tax advisory.

What is Corporation tax

Corporation tax is a corporate tax charged on the profits made by companies. An organisation is liable to pay corporation tax on profits when they are doing business as:

  • A limited company.
  • A foreign company with a UK based office/branch.
  • An unincorporated/corporative association.
  • A community group or sports club.

Corporation tax return (CT600) is compulsory for all organisations/limited companies in UK and it must be filed with HMRC within a period of 12 months after each financial year.

The process is complicated for small and medium size companies in connection with calculation and tax planning. Questions such as how to calculate and pay corporate tax, how much can you earn before tax, when is corporate tax due, and how to register for corporation tax are essential. That is where Majestic Accountants offers their professional dedicated accountants holding technical knowledge and experience to provide you full corporation tax support.

Tax planning for Corporation Tax

Tax planning is a very important part of keeping control over your financial matters which means corporations should ensure to plan ahead to create efficient processes and engage with right accounting firms who could look after their tax complainces in professional manner.

Corporation tax involves complexities such as using correct rates and allowances in corporation tax calculation, capital allowance calculation, Annual Investment Allowance calculation or Research and development (R&D) expenditure figure calculation etc.

Majestic Accountants provide their valued clients with the following services;

  • Preparation of corporation tax returns
  • Finalising corporation tax liabilities and repayments
  • Filing a corporation tax return with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Research and Development (R&D) figure in CT600
  • Corporation Tax advisory

Corporation Tax Investigation Service

Irrespective of the size of the business, tax compliance is fundamental duty of companies. Organisations can face tax investigations from HMRC from time to time. Our qualified accountants can support you and act as your agents by minimum your contact with HMRC while working in your best interests in timely manner.

We support our clients by;

  • Dealing with HMRC as your authorised agents
  • Liaising with HMRC on settlements
  • Try to minimise any penalties where ever we can after HMRC compliances

It is important to deal with tax inspectors professionally. Please explore further by contacting us to discuss your requirements and tax affairs.

Accountants for Corporation Tax
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Accredited by ATT,

Partners with QuickBooks, Xero, Freeagent, Bright pay

Partners with Quickbooks, Xero, Free agent, Brightpay

Specialist In Tax Advisory & Accounting Services

Specialist in tax Advisory & Accounting services

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We offer proactive, practical advice, reducing your tax, maximizing your wealth and exceeding your expectations by our dedicated account managers who very friendly and approachable.

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We take great pride in the professionalism of our work and are determined to uphold our professional standards in everything we do. Our staff specialise in tax advice for sole traders and small limited companies.

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