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Accountants for Construction Industry Scheme builders, contractors and subcontractors in Ealing, London

Accountants for Construction Industry Scheme builders, contractors and subcontractors in Ealing, London

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is introduced by HMRC that dictates contractors to withhold tax for certain constructions contracts unless subcontractors are registered to receive the gross payments. Under the CIS scheme, contractors deduct money from a subcontractor’s payments and pass it to HMRC, which serve as advance payments towards the subcontractor’s tax and national insurance. This needs to be done every month, and contractors who fail to comply can face hefty fines. If you are in the construction industry, whether you are a subcontractor or a contractor, you have certain obligations to meet. You may be unsure of what you need to be doing to stay compliant, our qualified expert tax advisors and accountants are here to assist you in every stage of the compliance process.

How Do We help Our Clients

We offer high-quality services to individuals and businesses with limited companies in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Our services include;

  • We offer a dedicated professional ‘Client Accountant.’
  • We will provide you access to our online cloud-based software where you will be able to raise invoices when required
  • We offer the registration of contractor/subcontractor to CIS scheme
  • We will help you with the application of ‘Gross payment status’ where applicable
  • We will prepare CIS returns every month as per the requirement of HMRC
  • We will submit the accounts, and tax returns to HMRC for you
  • We will ensure where you reclaim the tax refund where applicable
  • You will receive a tax planning service to grow your business
  • You will receive timely reminders so that you provide us with the records on time and we meet all the HMRC statutory deadlines in time
  • We provide professional cis accounting services for Bookkeeping, corporation tax, payroll, VAT returns, tax returns and accounts production to our clients

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Accountants for Construction industry Scheme Builders

How To Register For CIS

In order to register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) you’ll need:

  • your legal business name – you can also give a trading name if it’s different to your business name
  • your National Insurance Number
  • Your unique taxpayer reference number (UTR)
  • your VAT registration number (in case you are VAT registered)

If you’re a subcontractor and a contractor (you pay subcontractors to do construction work), you’ll need to register for CIS as both.

Construction industry Scheme Builders, Contractors And Subcontractors in Ealing, London

Benefits of CIS company

  • You can take money out of business using more tax-efficient ways.
  • Your monthly deduction will be only 20% as opposed to 30%.
  • You can claim for all tools and equipment expenses for your construction work and tax reliefs.
  • Opportunity to apply for gross payment status. You can have the additional payment benefits of a limited company.
  • You can enjoy tax relief on pension contributions.
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Accredited by ATT,

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Partners with Quickbooks, Xero, Free agent, Brightpay

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