Working from the
comfort of our home is something we all wish. Isn’t it? You become your boss
and don’t have to reply to someone else. Except, the person who assigns you the
task (obviously), but that is still different than a full-time job. Freelancing
has a lot of benefits but starting it as a sustainable full-time thing isn’t
easy. Finding clients, setting your payment and deciding the terms isn’t a cup
of coffee. So, how should you go about it? Let’s discuss that in detail.

Be A Professional

Most of the people consider taking up freelancing so they can stay in their PJs all day long. While that is completely fine and normal, you still have to be professional and organized. Those who aren’t organized never succeed in freelancing. You need to keep yourself away from all the distractions of your home and have a small office somewhere where nobody will disturb you. Set your hours where you work like you are in an office, even if it is in your home. You don’t need anything fancy. A simple desk with your laptop and a closed-door is all you need.

Find Your Expertise

You can’t be a proper freelancer if you don’t know what you are good at. You have to find your niche, differentiate yourself from others and build your portfolio. Try being a little specific in things you are good at. If you describe your skillset too wide, people will think you are trying to portray yourself as a jack of all trades and would consider skipping you. Hence, make yourself stand out by your work.

Start Pitching

Tips On Becoming A Successful Freelancer!

As soon as you figure
out your office space at home, your work hours and niche, start pitching. Sign
up for various Freelancing communities, join freelance job forums, send out
email pitches and find all the companies and businesses you can offer your
services to. The key to becoming a successful freelancer is being persistent
with your pitches and continue pitching till you land gigs.

Organize Your Finances

Once you start getting clients, it is mandatory that you set up your payment conditions and terms. Prepare yourself for invoicing deadlines. Set up your PayPal account or business bank account so that the billing can be done professionally by the end of every month or task. Always have a professional invoice prepared with your and client’s business name, so it can be sent for billing when the time is right. If you feel your finances are all whacked, don’t hesitate to ask for expert freelancing advice.

Don’t Let Personal Life Intrude

When you are a
full-time freelancer, it is tough to protect yourself from distractions. Your
family will automatically assume that just because you are working from home,
you will be available whenever the need be. Don’t allow that to happen. As
discussed above, set your work hours and lock yourself in the room during those
so nobody can disturb you.

Freelancing full-time
is fun and rewarding, but overworking takes a toll on your health too. Hence,
make sure that you are only working to your capacity and taking the rest of the
time off with friends and family.  

If you learn the art of disciplining yourself and maintaining a work-life balance while staying at home, you can be well on your way towards being your own boss with your freelancing career! Good Luck!

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