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How much tax do you have two pay in case of two parallel jobs?

It is not very uncommon among people to handle two jobs simultaneously. To keep up with today’s advanced lifestyle, it has become important for a person to earn a decent amount for him to spend a comfortable life. You must understand the functioning of tax and how...

What happens when you forgot the self-assessment tax return?

It is not easy to run a business. There is so much that one has to do to generate revenue and earn profit. Sometimes, it gets so demanding that there aren’t enough hours to get everything done. The possibility of missing deadlines and forget important tasks is high on...

What are the latest tax rates and allowances in 2021?

Tax rates and allowances are set by the government every year, and there had always been changes in the tax rate and allowances every year due to multiple factors. So, it is crucial for one to be sure what is the latest tax rate and personal allowances one does not...

What Are Crypto Assets?

Crypto is a term hardly anyone is unfamiliar with nowadays, especially with the boom Bitcoin has seen in recent years. Over a decade ago, when one heard the term crypto, their first thought went to bitcoin. That is still the case today, but one will find other names...

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