We offer one of the best CIS accounting services in West London. Whether you are operating the CIS business as sole trader or CIS limited company, Our team of Certified Chartered Accountants can help you and your business to save maximum amount of tax through tax planning and tax advisory upfront. Please contact us on 020 8577 0204 or contact us using the “Contact Us Form”. Please note we offer fixed reasonable competitive accounting fee in this area.

Does CIS apply to you?

You should register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) if you work for a contractor and you’re one of the following:
• self-employed
• the owner of a limited company
• a partner in a partnership or trust
Under CIS, a contractor must deduct 20% from your payments and pass it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
These deductions count as advance payments towards your tax and National Insurance bill.
If you don’t register for the scheme, contractors will deduct 30% from your payments instead.

Why do you need us?

While government aims at minimizing the tax evasion in construction industry, the aim of the tax payer is always to reduce the tax amounts as much as permissible legally.

Accounting and tax issues related to CIS is complex process and requires handling by experts. We have qualified chartered certified accountants in our team who ensure that you don’t pay extra amount of tax.

We help our clients by providing customised services according to their business needs. Our clients choose us because we;

1. Provide high quality of customer services
2. work proactively with our clients keep up with meeting the deadlines etc.
3. offer unlimited free meetings to assist our customers to reduce their taxes and guide them in their tax planning.
4. have friendly and approachable staff
5. have fixed prices when sign up with us rather than activity based approach where other accountants can charge you higher in line with your activity or turn over.